G. David Howard

The Funniest Man Alive

​When G. David set the world record in The Guinness Book of World Records for “cracking jokes unremittingly for 16 hours”, (that’s 16 straight hours straight, without a break of any kind, and without repeating one joke) he became known as “the funniest man alive”. It’s difficult to describe his act with anything other than: “He is just plain funny!” A pure “entertainer”, with the natural gift of “funny”. 
He is gifted, outrageous, spontaneous, fearless, and blessed with comedy instincts and timing that are beyond comparison. He literally “lights up” the audience with his personality, and his ability to memorize dozens of audience members’ names and then recall them an hour later is truly amazing.

​He plays with his audience, he tells them stories and he tells them jokes. He also does topical humor, political and observational comedy as well. And then after you think you have seen everything a comedian can do, he picks up his guitar and continues to get belly laughs with his songs.

Also, you need to read G. David's book, "Half of America is Nuts and They Were Allowed To Vote". Order the book from Amazon or Barnes and Noble.